Finding inspiration

The La Tribe woman celebrates a timeless style that are bold yet eloquent, rebellious yet unassuming, all striking the perfect balance between style and substance. Each season we look to our surroundings to spark ideas and foster creativity when dreaming up a new collection. 

We find inspiration in nature, the tones and textures of forests, ripples in the ocean and foliage being swept through the breeze. The colour of nature and natural materials come into their own through our exploration of leather and suede finishes within collections.
Our ideas come from spending time in spaces filled with dappled light, shadows moving through a space and the intricacies that fill a home and the feelings that they create. 
We are currently dreaming up our next campaign shoot, for our upcoming
Autumn/Winter season... stay tuned for more to come very soon. 
We can't wait to share it with you.