Summer Beauty with Rae Sacha

Refined and minimal, Rae Sacha's approach to beauty is one of meticulous care and simplicity. 

With over a decade of experience working in the make up and beauty industry, Rae knows a trick or two when it comes to creating an effortless and put together look. 

We caught up with Rae to find out some of her top tips...
La Tribe: You created the ultimate glowing summer look for our Resort 22 Model Installation, would you be able to us how did it?

To achieve luminous glowing skin I first prepped the skin a mixture of GO TO hero face oil and Aēsop Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream. I then buffed Kosas concealer into the dewy base for the no makeup skin finish. 


3 top tips for taking care of your skin through the warmer months?

1. SPF! This is a staple beauty step year round. 

2. Adequate hydration. Water is so underrated and the key ingredient for that glowing, hydrated and bright skin. 

3. Frequent exfoliation especially when in the sun and sea elements helps remove surface build up. I do this in the evenings followed with a lightweight moisturiser

What are your non-negotiables when it comes to your summer beauty bag?

Sun screen of course, Kosas Concealer (my forever fave), Aotea Kawakawa lip balm, and Mecca max clear brow gel.

We need to know, how do you create the perfect bushy brow?

A tip to achieve the ultimate full brow is to use the wand of the brow gel from the end of the brow pushing up all the way to the inner corner of the brow. This helps lift each individual hair straight up and then allows you to comb and groom the brow perfectly back into place. This also helps you see if there are any little gaps to fill in with a brow pencil.

What are you feeling inspired by going into the summer months?

It’s the simple things for me. Summer brings about a sense of calm and I find people are generally in a happier state, thank you sunshine haha! From a creative perspective, I’m excited to spend some time collaborating with other creatives during the slow season. 

Which La Tribe style is your pick this summer?

My favourite style from this collection is The Knotted Sandal in black. I love the unique knot design making a summer sandal more elevated.

Discover Rae's work here.

xx La Tribe 


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