Shoe Care


All our shoes are made from high quality natural materials. Every pair is made by hand. 
This means the soles are hand painted, straps are crafted and assembled by hand because of this there will be slight variations in each pair. 

Please water proof any suede items as soon as possible. Using a good quality water proofing spray.
This will help to prevent water marks as well as general staining. Your local shoe repair store can advise on a quality brand.

You can re-dye black suede easily using a good quality suede dye which can be purchased from your local shoe repair store.
You do need to follow instructions carefully. For a professional finish consult your local shoe repair store.

A good quality leather conditioner will keep the leather well conditioned as well as buffing away any
minor scratches but most importantly it will keep the leather from drying out and cracking.
Taking the time with a little maintenance on your leather shoes will keep them looking good and lasting longer.

To ensure your ‘pony hair’ stays in good condition we recommend avoiding anything which will cause the hair to rub off.
Do not wear in bad weather. Using a good protective spray will help keep them clean.
If you need to remove dust always clean with the grain of the hair, never against.
Keeping any pony hair items stored in the fabric bags provided when in your wardrobe.

We have chosen to use a rubber material in all our soles for a few reasons -rubber is water proof, lasts longer,
less likely to slip and a lot more comfortable to wear particularly on concrete surfaces.
As a result you should not have to replace the sole for years (this is dependent
on usage) However if you need to replace your sole from wear and tear your
local shoe repair store will be able to replace them for you.

Try to always store your shoes in the fabric bags provided.
They will also come in handy when traveling.