La Tribe

Effortless and elevated, La Tribe is a footwear and accessories house founded in New Zealand. Designed for a multiplicity of personas and underpinned by the appeal of wearable luxury, our collections bring to life on-trend designs with timeless appeal. 

“I love how diverse the La Tribe woman is and am inspired by thespirited attitude of a woman who embraces all of who she is, on anygiven day. Helping women to feel confident, comfortable andeffortless is so important to me,” – Emma Winter, Founder.

Available direct to consumer as well as throughout Australasia and Canada, La Tribe draws from vintage references and global trends. Refined yet relaxed, classic yet contemporary, urban yet universal, 

La Tribe is a versatile addition to any modern wardrobe.

The Founder

Founder and Creative Director Emma Winter created La Tribe with theintention of serving women like herself – multifaceted, energetic andinspired.

“I wanted to create a brand that served me on any day and for anyoccasion. Whether I was heading to the office, out with friends,lounging at home or for special occasions.”

Women who wanted quality and luxury without compromising onaccessibility. Women who are both excited by newness andcomfortable with the classics. 

“Ultimately, I wanted to create a brand that women could reach fortime and time again.”

The Product Range

Anchored in quality and wearability, what started with footwear in 2015 has evolved into a curation of footwear, jewellery and accessories that serve the modern woman.

Handcrafted by artisans in Spain, Italy, Indonesia and India, La Tribe offers a simple yet strong approach to dressing where luxurious fabrics, unexpected details and wearable silhouettes take centre stage.

From cashmere silk socks to leather belts, seasonal earrings to sheepskin slippers; leather heels, boots, loafers and more, we welcome you to the Tribe.