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Our journal series, Style Files, takes a look into the wardrobes, shoe collections and creative minds of women within our tribe.

In our fourth instalment, we speak to Kat Furey, founder and designer of Australian swimwear brand Palm Swimwear, publicist, freelancer, mum and more.

Kat Furey | Simone Knee High Boot

Please tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do. 
Where do I start? I launched PALM Swim + Resort in 2014 and subsequently established a swim manufacturing business in Bali. Recently, I completed my Bachelor of Science Degree and have taken on the role as a publicist at GGPR, all while embracing the joys of motherhood. On top of that, I keep myself busy with freelance work in design, styling, and branding, collaborating with inspiring brands to pursue purposeful direction and vision.
Can you describe your style in three words?
My style adapts mostly with the weather, but overall; soft luxury, comfort (since becoming a mom), yet sophisticated. I also love an occasional bold statement moment.

Kat Furey | Nineties Mid Boot

What shoes are you wearing now that makes you feel most like yourself?
In winter, I am all about boots. I alternate between my Simone Boots, which are versatile and warm, and my chunky boots, which I have had for the past 4 years for charging through rainy days.
What is your earliest shoe memory?
I bought my first-ever YSL pumps in the 2000s— treacherously high, skinny stilettos with a platform pump, iconic of that era.
If you could have any shoe in the world what would it be?
My dream shoe right now is the Canalazzo Boot by Bottega Veneta.

What do your shoes say about you?
Busy, fast-paced…particular!

Kat Furey | Simone Knee High Boot

What are your favourite pair of La Tribes right now and how are you wearing them?
I currently switch between my Simone Boots and Madi Flats. Both are versatile with most of my outfits and are very comfortable. I am currently eyeing the Isla Tassel Loafer! I love the chunky sole.

Kat Furey | Simone Knee High Boot

I am currently…..

Listening to: 
If it’s not white noise from the baby monitor, its Cowboy Carter by Beyonće.

Reading: Yellowface

Watching: Baby Reindeer

Eating out at: Old Palm Liquor in Brunswick East

Coveting: Après Studio’s Husk Oversized Coat

Dreaming of: Warmer weather + some more sleep!

xx La Tribe
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