Season on season, we strive to create wearable luxury by using premium materials to craft our footwear. We design our collections with you in mind, and want these pairs to be with you every step of the way. 

When we design our ranges, we like to first of all look at what we find inspiring, comfortable, and styles that will seamlessly fit into a timeless wardrobe.  

We craft our La Tribe shoes using high quality, natural materials and this means that there are a few extra steps needed to ensure that your footwear lasts to its full lifespan. 


The majority of our La Tribe footwear is made from high-quality leather, as it is extremely durable and flexible material that takes on every wear over time to form its very own personality.  

Although it is hardy and durable, leather is still a natural fiber and in order to last its lifetime, a little extra care is needed to ensure that your shoes stay in beautiful condition for seasons to come. 

Investing in a good quality leather conditioner is key to keeping your favourite pair of La Tribe shoes looking and feeling their best. By keeping the leather well-conditioned, it helps the material stay suppled and hydrated which helps prevent any cracking. As well as hydration, a leather conditioner will buff away any minor knicks or scratches.  

We also highly recommend finding a trustworthy shoe repairer. They will help you with any advice on caring for your shoes to make sure they last to their full intended potential. 


Caring for your soles 

We use a range of different materials to create the soles of our footwear. Crafting soles using a range of methods provides footwear fit for different purposes. 

The mains sole we use through our collections are the wrapped leather sole, a stretched leather sole, rubber soles, as well as platform soles.  

Using a stretched leather sole provides a luxurious finish and being a natural material allows the foot to breath during wear. This luxe material is softer, and provides a beautiful wear. But as it is more delicate, it requires more care and we don’t recommend heavy duty wear.   

Using a rubber sole base is beneficial to shoes designed for heavier duty wear. It also means that the sole is waterproof and provides a more comfortable wear on harder surfaces, for longer periods of time. 

Our soles are important and need to be cared for, over time if your soles to start to show wear and tear we recommend taking them to a shoe repairer to advise on replacing the sole.  

Wearing your shoes for too long on a diminished sole can cause lasting damage to high-quality leather footwear. 


Suede is another type of leather we use to craft some of the most iconic La Tribe styles, such as the Penny Heel and the newly updated Wrap Boot.

A material that is soft and pliable with a super luxe finish and although suede is a type of leather, it does require a little more care to ensure the material stays looking fresh and beautiful.  

All of our suede shoes and boots come pre-sprayed with waterproofing. This helps prevent water marks and general staining, we do highly recommend chatting to your shoe repairer about a more extensive care regime for your beautiful shoes or boots to ensure that they are well cared for.  

We also suggest storing your suede footwear in the La Tribe dust bag that they came with, this will help prevent dust build up or sun-fading. 

For more information on caring for your footwear, head to our Care Guide page.  

Xx La Tribe 

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