Wild is the Wind | Autumn 24 | Drop 01

Inspired by the iconic Nina Simone song, Wild is the Wind is a collection which captures the essence of the singer's soulful melodies and channels the untamed spirit of the wind and life's fluidity.

Wynn Wedge

"Nina Simone has been a profound source of inspiration for me and 'Wild is the Wind' is not just a collection; it's a personal journey inspired by the emotion and intensity of Simone's iconic song. Her ability to convey the complexities of love, akin to the unpredictable nature of the wind, deeply influenced our creative process."    - Founder & Creative Director, Emma Winter.

Jane Flat

From timeless ballet flats to platform sandals, laser-cut patterns and wearable wedges in an autumnal palette of chocolate, neutral and burnt tones, explore the newest arrivals online now.

Aki Slide

Discover Wild is the Wind, Drop 01 here.

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